Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tax Stats / Ron Paul is Wrong

The Club for Growth has some interesting tax stats compiled from IRS data. Turns out the old "the rich don't pay taxes" bromide is just more propaganda :

Top 5 percent of income earners: 54% of all tax revenue
Top 1 percent of income earners: 34% of all tax revenue

Marc Stevens wrote an article for Strike the Root telling us that Ron Paul is wrong about "illegal immigration" (whatever that expression means) :

Why do people come to this part of North America commonly called the “United States”? They are fleeing vicious gangs called government. People from Mexico come here because their opportunities to create wealth are violently restrained because of governments’ continued insistence “to allocate far more resources” from the people they control, plunder and murder. They believe their ability to create wealth is less hindered here.

De-legitimizing government is much easier when government works so hard with us to do so. However, Dr. Paul’s article is the opposite, it’s nothing more than pro-government propaganda; it diverts attention away from the problem, i.e., a gang of killers, thieves and liars controlling us and stealing our property.

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