Saturday, April 29, 2006

Market protection against spyware / Tax Obligation ?

Even though I don't go on popular sites, I still enjoy Sideadvisor. It demonstrates that people can protect themselves from bad sites without the need for central enforcment.

Marc Stevens asks anyone to prove that we have a tax obligation to the state :

What is the basis for the alleged "power to tax"? It's the so-called "constitution." The "constitution" is four unsigned pieces of paper. If there is an alleged "obligation", then it must be based on the "constitution." What facts are there to prove those four pieces of paper created this alleged "obligation"? If you think there are facts to prove an "obligation" to pay "taxes" exists, then please email me at, I'd love to see them.

In ten years not one "tax agent" or "tax" attorney has been able to produce one shred of evidence. It is impossible to prove a "tax obligation" exists using just facts. Again, anyone who disagrees is free to come to the plate and provide the facts. And don't respond by saying my "argument" is "frivolous." I'm asking for facts, not presenting an "argument."

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