Friday, April 21, 2006

Benevolent diktats

Dustin at Futureshock blog asks us what ten initiatives we would start as benevolent dictator. Here are mine (assuming that we're talking about Canada here) :

1. End the War on Drugs, free all drug prisoners.
2. Open ALL markets to private enterprise, including health care, police and courts.
3. Pass a plan for the progressive abolition of the state within the next ten years.
4. Demand for taxi money to go back home.
5. Abolish my own post.
6. Get back home.
7. Get on the computer and brag to Aaron and Andrew that I was dictator for a day.
8. Get a popsicle.
9. Eat the popsicle.
10. Take a walk.

1 comment:

Aaron Kinney said...

Steps 1 through 5 are my favorite, with step 5 being my MOST bfavorite. That was cool.