Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Strike the Root gold

Two articles that strike gold, from Strike the Root :

"A Market Response to the Statists' War on Gun Makers"

No, while the Barrett Model 82A1 rifle is an interesting specimen of a rifle, what caught my attention and, upon further reflection my admiration, was a tiny small-print blurb at the bottom corner of the ad. This inkblot read as follows:

“The California Legislature has banned the .50 BMG from the good citizens of the state of California , violating their rights and the constitution of our republic. Therefore, Barrett will not sell to or service any California government agencies.”

That was indeed refreshing! Barrett was willing to forgo any sort of government business selling or servicing their line of rifles to any of the Golden State ’s police agencies because of the state of California ’s laws making most of them illegal for ordinary people to own.

Now as a matter of principle I cannot help but applaud Barrett.

If only more of our corporate elite realized the wisdom of this course of action ! Of course, in the long run, that would only make more regulation or more state companies, so even then you can't really win...

"Anarchist Revisions for Civilization the PC Game"

Every state is a religion. Generally we call this worship of state civic religion, with its flags, anthems, pledges of allegiance, rituals, and holidays. (Notice the etymological origin from holy day.) States often allow freedom of religion, but by propaganda, forced schooling/brainwashing, and threats to dissenters, it instills the civic religion into the core of every approved religion. You no longer have to believe that the state or king is God, only the instrument of God to be obeyed and the legitimate maker of laws of right and wrong.

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Aaron Kinney said...

LOL imagine if the entire US Government got snubbed by the majority of US firearms makers for weapons contracts due to their banning of guns for civilians. LOL! Even if the state would eventually win (which would be likely), it would send a huge awakening shockwave throught he populace, and would harm the governments credibility even more.