Monday, May 8, 2006

Socialism = Tall People / Who Owns the Internet ?

Anti-State has pointed me to a page for a product called HeightMax in which Tom Hundley tells us how socialism makes people taller. I am not making this up.

Tim Swanson at asks : Who Owns the Internet ? His thesis is that the neutrality of the Internet is endangered by communications monopolies granted by the state, and that the solution is not, as content providers want, more regulation. Once again, the state created the problem, and people want more state intervention as the solution. It's always the same fucking ringamarole.

The main issue is not a matter of bit discrimination, multiple tiers, or even denial-of-service; rather it is a fight over private property and who owns the cornucopia of wires, cables, fibers and network infrastructure spanning the continent. Unfortunately due in large part to State intervention throughout the past century, this is a somewhat vague and nebulous area with many seemingly gray regions.

The only reason AT&T (formerly SBC), BellSouth, Cox Communications, and other incumbents have the large user bases they currently do is because they were granted geographic monopolies for communications. They were legally insulated from outside competition for much of the past century. And, by and large, this protected status still continues unabated, shielded by the current FCC regulatory regime.

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