Thursday, May 25, 2006

Republican Statism / Space Aliens from Luxembourg

Here is a great site to show to those statist idiots who think the Republicans are more capitalist than the Democrats : "Republican Statism - Or... coercion is okay, as long as we're the ones coercing"

And here is a great article from Stefan Molyneux : "Space Aliens From Luxembourg: A Horror Story".

"We will use a two-phased approach to set you free," gurgles the alien, squinting into the camera with at least a dozen eyes. "First, we will impose economic sanctions, designed to force your leaders to relinquish their ill-gotten power. As part of this process, we will use ray shields to block international trade, ground your airplanes, and irradiate your food and medicine." Two of the alien’s eyes dart down to check some figures. "Based on prior experience, we calculate that this phase will cause the deaths of no more than 5–6 million of your children. Also, about 13% of your newborns will die before reaching the age of 5. But we are willing to make that sacrifice, because we believe it’s worth it. For freedom!"

The space alien frowns and flips some pages. Your mouth hangs open.

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