Monday, May 1, 2006

Stop talking about immigration

Everyone stop talking about immigration. Most of you are fucking racists and have no idea what you're talking about. There is no such thing as an "illegal". The "country" is not legitimate, any more than state or provincial lines are legitimate. It makes no sense to prevent people from traveling from one country to another any more than it makes sense to prevent people from crossing a side of the street or from one city to another. It is racism. NOTHING MORE.

And stop saying that people are "stealing jobs". there is no such thing as "stealing a job". That is physically impossible, you moron. How the fuck can you steal a JOB ? A job is a conceptual entity, you fucking jackass. I can't believe how fucking retarded and meaningless that argument is.

And don't give me your "compassionate" racist argument that immigration is good because they work so hard and they take shitty jobs. You fucking racist, is that how you see people from other countries ? Did lazy Jews deserve to be killed in the Holocaust, and only killing the hard-working ones was bad ? Is willingness to take your shit how we should measure whether a dark-skinned or weird-speaking guy has basic rights or not ?



Mark said...

But what do you really think, Francois?

I was listening to a discussion about this at work today. I honestly don't think the people were racists, as they both supported making ~everyone~ jump through government hoops to get in the country, regardless of where they came from.

ryan e said...

To Mark

your arguement is that everyone should "jump through government hoops to get in the country, regardless of where they came from." And when they rape and pillage the hospitals, welfare system, overpopulate our prisons, poison people and cities with there gangs and the drugs they sell, and refuse to learn english, what do you do? Your idea doesn't solve the problem. You're saying more restrictions? What about that big fucking border? If we were in a real libertarian society with out minimum wage and labor laws, without welfare, unemployment, medicaid/medicare, free education at the expense of others, other things i probably don't know about, and the government prohibition of drugs, we wouldn't have these problems. sinse we have minimum wage, employers can save a shit load of money by hiring mexicans. That is a big problem. The more and more of these people who come here Illegally, the more those rates change. So i suppose the sensible thing would be to make anyone who comes here legal, which would make emploers pay them the same as everyone else. I think it could possibly work. In a plan like that , the entire minimum wage could be abolished. But that still leaves gangs, crime, and all the money they suck out of the system. After we get rid of welfare, and all entitlement handouts, i assume people would work and if they didn't, too bad for them. Among them, i assume many would go back home. And those aspiring to come here to do nothing and reap benefits, and raise their children probably would be deterred from coming here. The final idea is to legalize all drugs, which would get rid of most of the gangs. My idea isn't complete but that's how i think we could effectively end the immigration problem associated with mexico.

Mark said...


i just repated an argument i heard at work without saying i agreed with it. it did seem to me that the people at work were not racists becuase they wanted everyone-- black , white, brown or green --to have to go through the same government paperwork to beome legal residents.

i actually favor free immigration and the abolition of the entire welfare state.