Friday, May 12, 2006

Immigration Bullshit vs Reality

So I posted a little rant about "immigration" and some people who read it freaked out. What I pointed out in my rant was :

1. There is no such thing as an "illegal immigrant", and borders are not legitimate.
2. There is no such thing as "stealing a job".
3. People who argue for "immigration" are just as racist as those who argue against it, and everyone should just shut the hell up.

If you think these three basic premises make me an extremist, then you have a very sad perspective on the world.

To go through these again...

1. The construct of "illegal immigrant" is predicated on the constructs of "immigration" and "country", which are predicated on the construct of "borders". These constructs are not legitimate, as a border is simply a tool for one state to delimitate its monopoly of force against all other states, and "the law" is simply a tool used by the state to enforce its singular value system against all others. Therefore, we should not recognize the idea that there are people who are here "illegally" any more than we should recognize the idea that people who cross the street without a "street-crossing permit" are in illegality. Both are equally ludicrous.

It makes no sense to say that I am an "immigrant" when I cross the border to Vermont, only a couple hours from here, and that I am not an "immigrant" when I go to say, Calgary. I am no less part of a society with people from Vermont than I am with people from Calgary.

2. It's impossible to "steal a job", and anyone who utters this expression is insane. Anyone who has a job obtained it from someone else, who wanted to trade with that person. Theft, on the other hand, demands coercion, which cannot exist here. It doesn't matter whether a person who has a job follows the false construct of "illegal" or not.

3. Pretty much everyone who argues against, or even for, "immigration" uses racist arguments to demonstrate that "immigrants" "deserve" or do not "deserve" to live in a country. Freedom of movement is not a privilege, it is a right that is owed to any human being regardless of the colour of their skin, their religion, their political affiliation or their desire to work. To treat "immigrants" as "good hard-working slaves" is just as racist and insulting as treating them as lazy. The construct of "immigrant" itself is racist.

Same goes for the argument that immigration is "cheap labour" and thus promotes the evils of capitalism (or at least, what statist retards think are the evils of capitalism). It assumes that "immigrants" are automatically unskilled and uneducated.

One aspect that I did not rant about is the aspect of culture. Some people argue against immigration on the basis that it represents an attack against their favoured culture. First of all, I hope I don't need to explain why this in itself is culturally supremacist. All cultures are nothing but collectivist detritus. Secondly, the fact that we are the pawns of social and cultural struggles is a consequence of the democratic process, which cultivates warfare between people who support different cultures in order to get their values enforced on society against everyone else's.

So in essence, people who use cultural arguments to fight against immigration, are clamoring for more state in order to solve a problem caused by the state in the first place. This is a common syndrome amongst idiot statists who can't reason worth a damn - which means all of them. Sadly, it also exists amongst some libertarians. Trying to get the state to limit itself is ultimately a futile endeavour and only serves to further legitimize the democratic process.

Show me the border, bitch.


Libertarian Jason said...


Aaron Kinney said...

Wow! Holy shit wow! You need to submit this everywhere.
That last sentence with the picture was priceless. Beautiful, my man.

Intellect Impure said...

Bravo. I trust a certain Cowboy who links to this also has read it...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing this.
It's time people realize the truths about living in a Capitalistic society. If people would only
take the time to understand what they've agreed
upon by living here...they may
understand why we have problems with
illegal immigration. All US citizens, whether you're
for or against illegal immigration, don't realize
that the situation will never change. It will
only be brought to our attention through media and
politics, over and over, to create the illusion that
some change will occur. Truth is, in a Capitalistic society, the wealthy have too much to gain from cheap labor. That's a fact. So, this topic of illegal immigration has once again become an instance of irresonsible journalism in America. The news about
illegal immigration is only causing more hatred and racism in our United States.

Anonymous said...

What about the FUCKING LAW asshole.

Aaron Kinney said...


What about the FUCKING LAW asshole.

With all due respect, you can shove that goddamn immigration law up your "FUCKING" ass.

In case you didn't notice, this is a blog for freedom lovers. And that means that we dont have much respect for laws that we never agreed to being shoved down our throat by a bunch of "assholes."

And if you were really concerned about the United States, you would know that, 1) the laws are designed to serve society, not the other way around, and 2) immigration is economically, culturally, and socially beneficial to this country.

The law is wrong, it isnt working at all, and it should be changed. An open door policy is the only moral and practical solution.

So in the name of freedom, prosperity, and progress, I ask you to kindly migrate to a country that is more aligned with your authoritarian and xenophobic sentiments.

Anonymous said...

you're a genious! last time i checked the United States was the "Land of the Free" when "immigrants can't even come to the United States for a damn job and support their family. i sense jealousy and excuses for Americans that loose their jobs or are less superior then smarter "Immigrants". I see no border in the world.