Friday, December 16, 2005

The liberal hate-list

Have you noticed that liberals seem to hate the people who help others the most ?

Doctors - At least in the US... not only are they too rich, but they want the government to take over their market.
Corporations offering jobs in the third-world - it's okay if third-world companies exploit their workers, because that's their "culture", but Westerners build "sweatshops". Liberals advocate cultural enslavement in the name of compassion.
GM food engineers - Do I need to even explain ? Liberals are against GM and fight against products that save millions of lives.
Private charities - They want the government to take over that market too. The existence of private charities is the antithesis of liberal collectivism.

As for conservatives, it seems more of a class thing. They have a general bias for rich white Christian heterosexual males. In essence, they seem to be the side of the powerful majority. Both sides fulfill the roles of "rebels" and "establishment", and so people think it's some kind of meaningful choice.


Delta said...

A very "caricaturesque" picture of a liberal and the issues. Westerners do build sweatshops, and it's not okay for third-world companies to exploit their workers, but maybe the workers have more of a shot against someone who lives next door than an all-powerful company from the U.S. which can call in Marines if it needs to put down resistance. Some GM foods are great of course, and then there's the genetically-modified versions whose purpose is to drive the poor further into poverty. An example of this is seeds that can only be used for one season so the farmers have to buy them yearly instead of getting seeds from their existing plants. Take over private charities? I think the idea is to help others so that we have a safer and more stable country, and I don't see the private charities up to task on this.

Just a few thoughts, not even necessarily a liberal myself.

Thing I don't understand about libertarians is their constant talk about independence, freedom,autonomy, etc. when they support institutions such as powerful corporations which warp the democratic process and give the rich ever-increasing power to decide how other people will live their lives.

Francois Tremblay said...

Yea, well like I said before, this blog is for individualists - people who value material and scientific progress. If you don't get it, we don't care about what you say.

I don't know how you could be so confused, but WE'RE NOT FOR DEMOCRACY ! Democracy is anti-individualist.

Believe me, if there was a filter that would keep away stupid people like you, I'd use it.

Delta said...

Well as someone who is actually in the scientific field, I'll let you in on a little secret. Scientific progress is achieved through people working together, throwing out ideas, and figuring out which ones best correspond to reality. Your personality is the exact opposite of this. You insult all dissent, talk about people who "get it" just as O'Reilly and the other ignorant assholes do, and never back up your claims when attacked.

You simply want a blog where you can go online and mentally masturbate your ideas onto the web, and not worry about anyone criticizing you or offering another viewpoint. That's very intellectual, congrats.