Monday, December 12, 2005

CIA Sabotage Manual / Three New Amendments

Check out a booklet produced by the CIA in the past in an attempt to overthrow Nicaragua's government. Maybe we can use some of these methods against the CIA, hmmm ? Whadya think about that ? Most Americans already use method #9...

If you could immediately add three new amendments to the US Constitution, what would they be ? In the first issue of CATO Unbound, Nobel laureate James Buchanan suggests the following :

[1.] In its final budget resolution, Congress should restrict estimated spending to the limits imposed by estimated tax revenues. This requirement should be waived only upon approval separately by three-fourths of the House of Representatives and the Senate. This exception would allow for debt financing of federal outlay in situations that are indeed extraordinary (major wars, natural disasters), an exception recognized by classical public finance.


[2.] Congress shall make no law authorizing government to take any discriminatory measures of coercion.


[3.] The Madisonian construction is flawed by its authorization of government regulation through the much abused Commerce Clause. The authorization should be restricted to the prevention of interferences with voluntary exchanges and should not extend to the prohibition, or the coercive dictation of the terms, of such exchanges. Nor should any differentiation be made between exchanges within the domestic economy and those made with others outside the political jurisdiction.

What do you think ?

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