Monday, December 12, 2005

Chitinous Attack Squirrels

There is a widespread blog group amongst libertarians, called the Neo-Libertarians. They have an icon that they display on their blogs. I have nothing against their principles except these :

In foreign policy, neolibertartianism would be characterized by,

* A policy of diplomacy that promotes consensual government and human rights and opposes dictatorship.

* A policy of using US military force solely at the discretion of the US, but only in circumstances where American interests are directly affected.

Being strongly against interventionism, war, corporatism (what other "American interests" could possibly be affected ?) and American imperialism, I can't accept this Neo-Libertarian position. War is the most dramatic instance of political power there is. I can't ever imagine subscribing to a position that suppots warfare beyond necessary self-defense, as much as I like it. I would sacrifice a great deal of principles before I sacrifice that one.

So what should we do ? Either we join the Neo-Libertarians, or we release the Chitinous Attack Squirrels on them. I see no other option.


Delta said...

Release the squirrels!

Suicidolt said...

Release the SQUIRELLS! I love it, I've got your RSS placed in my gmail toolbar. You should check out my libertarian blogs:

The first is turning into a book to educate people on what Libertarianism really is. I've searched and searched, and there's no consolidated source on it. As such, this should make Libertarian ideals easier to swallow for the uneducated (any comments on improvement would be appreciated).

The second is a kind of editorial-only newspaper for recent events I'm running with some online friends.

Qwerty said...

Quel est votre opinion sur la philosophie libertaire de Michel Onfray?

Francois Tremblay said...

Je ne connais pas Michel Onfray. I don't know who Michel Onfray is. Sorry...