Sunday, November 18, 2007

Federal Reserve: Currency Communists

The US Dollar is crashing, and people are becoming aware of it. But the private Federal Reserve cartel does not want alternative currencies to sprout up. Indeeed, it counts on people to keep using the worthless greenback so it can continue to rob it's users of their money.

Aleternative currencies like the Liberty Dollar have popped up over the years, and can you blame them? Well, the Federal Reserve blames the Liberty Dollar for the horrendous crime of competing with the greenback. The problem is that the Liberty Dollar is not actually illegal according to US law. What to do, what to do?

The answer is simple: get a bunch of FBI and Secret Service (interesting how those initials are SS, don't ya think?) agents to raid the Liberty Dollar headquarters on trumped up charges of money laundering.

The US government will most likely lose the court case. But fortunately for them, that is irrelevant. Even if the Liberty Dollar company is vindicated in court, it will likely not get its assets back, not to mention that the years it will take for the lawsuits and trials to finish will only bury this competitive and legitimate currency deeper into the grave.

Mark my words: as these competing currencies continue to sprout up, the US government and the Federal Reserve will continue to come up with bullshit excuses to crush them. Unless, of course, Ron Paul miraculously wins the presidency (or the entire government is destroyed, which would be an even bigger miracle).

Fuck you, Federal Reserve! You motherfucking currency commies!