Wednesday, November 28, 2007's Post-Debate Poll

The people have spoken. These are the results of's post-debate poll as of 11:28pm PST. About 6,200 votes have been cast so far.

1. Who do you think won the debate? Ron Paul (56%)

2. Who seemed to know most about the issues? Ron Paul (55%)

3. Who had the best response to user-generated content? Ron Paul (52%)

4. Who had the most disappointing performance at the debate? Rudy Giuliani (28%)

5. Whose performance was most surprising? Ron Paul (39%)

6. Whose campaign got the biggest boost from the debate? Ron Paul (50%)

7. Who had the most creative campaign video? Ron Paul (49%)

Looks like a landslide to me.

CNN's debate poll can be found here. They also have video clips of the debate here.

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ryanshaunkelly said...

HDNet Dec 1 DNC debate (Sat 7:30pm ET).
- all eight -

gravel kucinich paul nader