Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Protecting us from the gays!


Adi said...

It really is a gay invasion :p


Aaron Kinney said...

Yea Adi, I saw that actually. And I even left a comment there. Here it is reproduced for your reading pleasure:

Aaron Kinney said...

He should join the Log Cabin Republicans! LOL

"No marriage for Gays! Do not redefine marriage! One man + one woman! Now excuse me while I go suck some hot college boy penis!"

10:58 AM EST

Anonymous said...

But who will protect us from the jews? And the negros? Gipsys?

Adam said...

Who wants to be protected from us queers? We bring up straight peoples property value. As a homo I am proud to be a positive factor in the Markets.

Aaron Kinney said...

Excellent point, Adam.

The free market is by far the best way to attain social inclusiveness and individual rights for minority groups.