Saturday, July 21, 2007

If The Product Sucks, Stop Buying It

The US military has a big marketing problem. Specifically, it has bad brand identity:

In the advertising world, brand identity is everything. Volvo means safety. Colgate means clean. IPod means cool. But since the U.S. military invaded Iraq in 2003, its "show of force" brand has proved to have limited appeal to Iraqi consumers, according to a recent study commissioned by the U.S. military.

Why does it have this brand identity problem? Why are the Iraqi consumers not too keen on what they are being sold?

Because the product sucks! The US military should have a warning label on it, like you see on packs of smokes. "Warning, use of this product will level your cities and explode your families."

When products suck, you're supposed to be able to stop purchasing them. Well, that isn't an option in this case. The taxpayers have to buy the product and the Iraqis have to use it. So how the hell do we get this company to straight-up go out of business?

Incidentally, look at how delusional these fuckers are:

At the same time, Helmus said, U.S. military and civilian authorities must stop thinking of themselves as a "good-idea factory" whose every thought has greater merit than those of their customers. "Procter & Gamble doesn't even do that," he said.

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Wow, that's fucked up.