Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gore III is a Political Prisoner

Al Gore's son, Gore III, was arrested in Los Angeles yesterday for having some pills and some pot in his car.

He admitted to smoking some weed before he drove, and that's not good. This guy may not serve jailtime if he's lucky, but most people in his situation do serve jailtime. It is a victimless crime (except for the driving part) and if anything, this kid needs substance abuse help, not time behind bars.

Drug laws are a travesty to this country. How inhumane, how pathetic, how evil.



Anonymous said...

And the call this abuse of power "treatmen".

Aaron Kinney said...


The good news is that this government is not honest enough that it will even treat Gores son the same as it would any Joe Schmoe.

The bad news is that the government is going to jail this guy for nonviolent drug possession. I believe that at the most, his license should be taken away for the DUI, and perhaps pay a small fine, and then enroll in rehab classes.

But jailtime for drug use is not cool. The drug war is bullshit, and I feel bad that I feel bad that Gore III got caught up in it.

If the Gore family had any brains, this would serve as a clear message to them that drug laws need massive reform, or better yet, complete elimination altogether.