Thursday, July 6, 2006

TV-friendly "anarchists"

There are some people and groups who claim to be "anarchists", and yet who fly the black flag of violence and coercion. Who call themselves "socialists" and "syndicalists". Who reject people's individual choices and progress.

This, to say the least, is a pitiful contradiction. An anarchist is someone who desires a society without government. That is the universally accepted definition. And government is nothing more than the process of legitimized coercion. Therefore there cannot be an anarchist who supports legitimate coercion (and no one thinks of himself as a "criminal"), who calls himself "socialist" or "syndicalist" (since these positions require a government to exist), or who rejects people's free choices.

These so-called "anarchists" are therefore something else entirely. But what?

This phenomenon is present in other areas. Just look at religion. Christians have managed to manufacture a whole "Satanic ritual abuse" construct out of thin air. Satanism is not about child abuse, it is a philosophy of life. Nothing about it encourages child abuse. And there is absolutely no evidence that this "ritual abuse" is actually taking place, apart from the testimonies of the faithful and memories manufactured by unscrupulous therapists. It is a Big Lie instigated by the authorities in order to smear the name of a competing religion, same as they have done to witchcraft throughout the ages, and now do to atheists also.

Could these "anarchists" also be a fabrication of the authorities to smear anti-state movements and paint them as a violent unruly mob which only desires chaos? That seems like a good possibility. These "anarchists" have about as much in common with anarchy as teenagers who sacrifice their cat have in common with Satanism. And yet the media has substituted real Satanism for this kind of exhibition, because crime and violence sells more than philosophy. The same applies here also.

But the lie is always grounded on impression and stereotype. People imagine that Satanists, as the opposite of Christians, are very evil people, and therefore that is the stereotype that sticks. What do people say when you talk about anarchy?

"But criminals will be free to roam the streets and create terrible chaos!"

When your average Joe hears about anarchy, he imagines a system of chaos and dissolution, and that is what he is served on the telly. He sees these pretend "anarchists" who are violent and don't seem to follow any morality whatsoever. At the same time, these "anarchists" present statist ideas, which appeals to the viewers as well.

For the longest time, it is this stereotype that I had in mind when I thought "anarchist". I thought that anarchy was an ideology of violence and criminality. How could I not, when what the statist authorities present to us is our window to the world?

What is the solution? Should we debate them? Not at all. Should we denounce them? Not at all. The best solution is to ignore them, just as we would ignore any other puppet of the state. The least attention we give them, the least we contribute to the problem.


doinkicarus said...

I was thinking about writing on this very same topic, its funny that you bring it up.

I had a copy of Murhpy's "Chaos Theory" in my room - and we had a few friends over for a small (large) party on Monday evening. 'Bout 3am, I was about ready to go to bed, and one of my friends saw it, glanced at the front & back covers and kind of shook his head, "Doink, this is not the answer" or something like that.

I said, "Look, Gene: I'm very, very drunk right now, and I just want to go to bed. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you at some later, more sober occasion." He wanted to press the issue, and I wanted to go to bed. I went to bed.

It was very clear to me that his understanding of the subject matter about which he was attempting to engage in debate, was wholly incorrect.

Francois Tremblay said...

Oh yea, I've seen that book cover before. It looks like a great book. Is it interesting?

Mark said...

Aren't libertarians against the ~initiation~ of coercion, not coercion per se?

Francois Tremblay said...

"Aren't libertarians against the ~initiation~ of coercion, not coercion per se?"

Yes, technically you are correct. Although there are notable exceptions (Stefan Molyneux is against coercion), most libertarians would agree with you. I'm still on that side as well, although I can see Molyneux's argument as well.

doinkicarus said...

It's a good read for someone curious about how an anarchy might provide for things typically regarded as government duty - I'm certainly not trying to knock it. It's written in a very simple, easy to understand style, which is nice for most people who don't know how to read big words, or long sentences, too.

it wasn't terribly enlightening for me, seems as I've pretty much figured out by myself that actuarial science combined with the profit motive can pretty much solve any problem you throw at it.

On the other hand, it was only like $5 - so it might be a nice book to have around just in case you need to give someone a crash-course...

ryan e said...

I'm a bit confused. I didn't see the mention of coercion or initiation of force in the above comments. ??

Andrew Greve said...

I talked to a girl last week who had a tatoo of an A in a circle on her lower back. Needless to say, she was for gun control.

stevenburky said...

Response to comments about SRA:

I want to straighten out a few misconceptions on SRA.

1) that it was created by Christians as propoganda. The truth is that non-Christians are the ones who suffer through generational idolatry. Most Christians I know don't believe in SRA either, or never heard of it, and are complacent and unpassionate.

2)that therapists implant these memories. The truth is that most SRA victims remember spontaneously, while alone, and no one told them of the content of such things before they remembered. Most abuse victims remember their abuse at all times of day across a period of years, not in a therapists' chair. This abuse really does seem to be happening, and is terrible and terrifying. Some people never forgot and have continuous memories. Cases of irresponsible therapists implanting memories don't explain everything.

3) Real Satanic idolatry of the true kind is very hateful and spiritual at the same time, and totally against God in the hardest core way possible, on the most real level of reality. It is not just a bunch of kids drawing pentagrams, and it is not Anton Lavey. Because it is so terrible, most people forget it utterly. It is also dissociative, meaning that it cannot be witnessed by a normal person without him dissociating, out of terror. So, there is no way to corroborate it exists: you wouldn't merely stumble into such a ceremony: the demons in you would make certain you don't see it.

--a former libertarian and rememberer of SRA, and witness of a dear friend who had MPD. It's not a political tool.

(Don't scoff at this issue: it is far deeper than most people would ever admit, and extremely troubling even if you think it is only "maybe" occurring. This could be the end times approaching, if you believe this is happening...)


Hellbound Alleee said...

Steven, you disgust me. SRA is "real" only for people who WANT it to be real. The only "true" satanists are ALWAYS CHRISTIAN. Every time. You want sexual abuse? Look at your fucking churches, and get the hell away from me and decent people. You support terrible abuse and exploitation of children by fucking with their heads and tearing them away from their families.

Get help.

stevenburky said...

Do you know anything about SRA or DID? Why are you disgusted by me? You don't know almost anything about me. I'm speaking from a lot of personal experience, and have no vested interest convincing you it's real. I'm not going to court, or demanding any entitlements. Why do so many young people say such irresponsible and disprespectful things about SRA? If it isn't real, then why so many strong feelings? Why bother making it an issue in your discussion? Why take sides about something that never affected you?

Why would I "want" to remember something so terrible? I was used as an idol as a child. If you've ever studied true religious idolatry, it resembles in every way the incest and sacrifice stories of SRA. Research pagan temple idolatry and find out for yourself. Why is it so hard to believe that people would still do this in the modern age, really? You think generational idolatry just went away magically when Christianity took over Europe? No, it only became worse, more polarized, and got flushed under the surface, into the dark, in secret. People were sacficing human beings then, openly in fact, and they never stopped. That is what SRA is.

Be intelligent and serious.

True Christians are those who obey God and give up modern worldliness. They aren't in it for politics or chummy Sunday meetings. They don't own plasma TVs, go to amusement parks, or spend 10 million dollars on a church building. I would agree that most dissociative idolatrists actually are shallow Christians who attend church. But that is b.s. Christianity, and not the real thing.

I remembered my SRA when I gave up photos, TV, movies, and compact discs: idolatry in my life. This was no accident. I actually did something right, taking a stand against this modern pansy way of life that men live, and then I saw the truth. Give up your gadgets, and your insulating mental masturbations, child, and then talk to me about real reality. Become a man, and look for truth.

I'm in this to die for Christ. I want the truth, even if I have to rip the lid of hell to see it. I'm tired of this snide generation who all think they know everything. Wasn't I the proudest among you when I was 18? Yes, I was.

You might have suffered this yourself and you wouldn't even remember. That is how evil it is. I was once a passionate atheist in denial. I was more snarky than anyone, in my teens. God will judge all of this on judgment day, those who wanted the truth, and those who lied and took the rewards of the earth. The wake up call is at the end, for everyone. God will be the one to scoff at the unjust on that day. That is reality.

Don't you sense any reality about what has happened in my life? Seriously? I'm 100% convicted about Christ. SRA is not even the point.

The world won't listen.--Morrissey