Thursday, July 20, 2006

Big Monuments=Slavery? / Net Socialism backlash

In a comment on a Catallarchy entry, Scott Scheule asks:

I wonder if the ridiculousness of an ideology is positively correlated with the size of its monuments.

Now that the socialists have lost "Net Neutrality", they are making parody mixes of Ted Stevens (which I do find funny). Sore losers? Lew Rockwell argues that Stevens is not quite as stupid as he sounds:

So there is no reason for regret when we find that a regulator knows less about the internet than the average MySpace maven. We ought not to regret that someone with talent stays in the productive private sector and out of the Senate. What we ought to regret is that the dregs who are on top presume to have power over us. Government is always and everywhere all thumbs. That's one reason its responsibilities ought to be as few as possible.

The irony of Stevens' comments are that they aren't as stupid as they first appear. He was drawing attention to the great failing of the internet, which is that there is no rational means of allocating the limited space that the internet provides for information flow.

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