Sunday, July 9, 2006

Africa launches DDT attack / Aliens cause global warming

Great news on the anti-Greenie front- "Africa Launches DDT Attack Against Malaria". Let's hope this is the final nail in the coffin against the Greenie movement's DDT genocide. I still want to see some heads roll, but probably no one will ever have to account for the millions of deaths they caused...

A interesting lecture by Michael Crichton: "Aliens Cause Global Warming". He shows how science is corrupted by politics, and how the global warming scare is part of a long series of such corruptions.

[On the topic of the "nuclear winter" doctrine] Freeman Dyson was quoted as saying "It's an absolutely atrocious piece of science but…who wants to be accused of being in favor of nuclear war?" And Victor Weisskopf said, "The science is terrible but---perhaps the psychology is good." The nuclear winter team followed up the publication of such comments with letters to the editors denying that these statements were ever made, though the scientists since then have subsequently confirmed their views.

At the time, there was a concerted desire on the part of lots of people to avoid nuclear war. If nuclear winter looked awful, why investigate too closely? Who wanted to disagree?

Gee, sounds like a little propaganda piece we know that starts with G and W...

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