Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Most Gullible Statist Ever

This does not need any comments. Just let your jaw drop naturally and let it hang at the text you are about to read.

I just paid my taxes, and I have to say, I always take pride when I do so. I don't like having less money to spend, of course, and the complexity of the process is really upsetting. But I am proud to pay for democracy, and I feel when I do send money to the DC Treasurer and the US Treasury that that is what I am doing. The right-wing likes to pretend as if taxes are a burden instead of the price of democracy. And I suppose, if you hate democracy, as the right-wing does, then taxes are the price for paying for something you really don't want. Personally, I find banking fees, high cable and internet charges, health care costs, and credit card hidden charges much more abrasive than taxes, because with those I'm just being ripped off to pay for someone's summer home.

Patriotism is about recognizing that we are all connected in a fundamental moral and physical sense, that the war in Iraq is our war, that poverty in New Orleans is our poverty, that public funding to cure cancer comes from each of us and not just the scientists who have made it theirs. The tax burden we face is a very small price to pay for the privilege of taking responsibility for our own freedom and our own society. And the hatred of taxes on the right comes from a hatred for this responsibility. It's childish and immoral and unAmerican.

From My Direct Democracy (no surprises there).


doinkicarus said...

I read that drivel. And then I slayed him on my blog. Hoping that the 'refined' version of that post appears on STR shortly.

The Unapologetic Mexican said...

hey...i guess sometimes when we are afraid of the dark, we whistle sour tunes just to hear some comforting wind.

that cat is famous, in my book, for posting self-righteous, naive, condescending and utterly embarrassing statist propaganda.

Hellbound Alleee said...

So...I have to pay the government to not shoot me. If they feel like it. I already knew that.