Friday, February 16, 2007

Zhwazi the Anarchist, Zhwazi the Atheist

Good anarchist blogs are hard to come by. We try to get all the good ones linked in our sidebar here for the good of our users, as well as for our own selfish convenience.

On that note, I want to introduce a fantastic anarchist-atheist blog that I just came across today, Bored Zhwazi. I found this blog via the Rational Response Squad forums, where a forum member by the name of Zhwazi was advocating anarchy. Anyway, he linked to his own blog in one of the forum posts, I visited it, and I loved what I read.

And I think all you Radical Libertarian readers will love his writing too. Click here to check it out.


LDF said...

Thanks for putting me on to this one. You are so right:
Good anarchist blogs are hard to find.

While my blog tends to be more Libertarian, I appreciate reading intelligently presented anarchist arguments.


Zhwazi said...