Monday, February 26, 2007

One more egg in the face of the Greenies

When will they learn that their pseudo-scientific health scares never work? Yet another one bites the dust...

Fish-diet mothers ‘have brighter children’

Women who eat fish during pregnancy have brighter children, according to a study.

The evidence suggests that advice to expectant American mothers to limit fish consumption for fear of mercury poisoning is misguided.

The study supports the contrary advice, given by the Food Standards Agency in the UK, which backs fish as a healthy food. The FSA simply advises mothers to avoid shark, swordfish and marlin, and restrict their intake of tuna.

The new research into children’s behaviour and intelligence suggests that women who follow the US “advisory” issued in 2004 to limit consumption, or cut fish out of their diet altogether, may miss nutrients that the developing brain needs — and so harm their children.

The findings come from a study of almost 9,000 British families taking part in the Children Of The 90s project at the University of Bristol.

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