Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Things you'd kill for

My friend Adrian showed me this recent duo of questions from a message board he frequents:

"Answer two questions:
1. What would you kill for?
2. What would you risk yor life for?
If your answers are not the same you really need to look at your ethics."

I guess there is a problem with my ethics, but I don't really see how both answers can be the same. Being ready to kill for something, and "risking your life" for it, are very different levels of value. We risk our lives, or lower slightly our quality of life, for a lot of things, simply because we think it's worth it. If we lived our lives in order to have the least risk of any disease or accident, we would lead extremely boring lives indeed. But I would only kill to protect my own life or that of people I value.

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