Thursday, October 19, 2006

Marxist theory vs MA theory

Marxist theory tells us that society is a struggle between classes. In the statist system, this is technically correct.

Marxist theory tells us that society is a struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. This is quite incomplete. Marxists have made it so because they desire to create a new ruling class. In reality, we can see plainly that the bourgeoisie, in Marxist terms, is only an enemy insofar as it can co-opt ruling class power more effectively than the proletariat.

Marxist theory says that, as inequality grows, the proles will revolt against their masters. This is, again, technically correct. History has shown that the greatest inequalities of fortune and power do lead to revolts. This does not, however, validate the Marxist dialectic, because in a relatively capitalistic system inequality of fortune and power is lowered, not heightened. The inequality between a king and a peasant cannot in any way be compared to that of a current average worker and a CEO, and it would be laughable to even suggest it. A CEO may have many orders of magnitude more money than the average person, but lives a life which is comparatively similar to that of the average person. A king possessed almost infinitely more wealth than your average peasant, and lived a life which had no comparison at all with that of a peasant. The spreading of technology due to capitalism, the lower concentration of power (even if the total power is far greater in a democratic state), and the removal of cultural barriers all create a more equal society.

Marxist theory promotes a society where inequality is the greatest possible- where some people have no power, and others control the economic and the social all together. While decrying corporatism constantly, Marxism is in fact nothing more than corporatism taken to its natural conclusion- economic leaders put in power, controlling all aspects of "their" workers' life. Market Anarchy promotes a society where there is no political power, everyone is equal, and everyone can choose how they desire to live.

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