Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Union Work / Solution for the Middle East

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Scott Adams has a solution to Middle East conflicts. As far as they go, it's one of the best one:

During the several days that it was 112 degrees and I had no AC, all I wanted to do was build an IED and kill the AC guy who kept driving right past my office and helping other people. In fact, I wanted to kill everyone who didn’t agree with me on just about any point whatsoever.

And I realized that the problem with the Middle East is insufficient AC. If you think about it, virtually all of the organized violence in the world is originating from places where they have poor air conditioning. And in the desert, 112 degrees is considered a pleasant day. Imagine how grumpy you would be at 125 degrees. And guess what I never see on TV when they show footage of the Middle East?

Every frickin’ person they interview in the Middle East is standing directly in the sun. Some shade would be a good step toward world peace.

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Andrew Greve said...

Mmmmm.... air conitioning...

doinkicarus said...

I read an article about a year ago, about a Union protesting Wal-Mart's non-union policies.

Surprise! They hired non-union workers, and paid them $6 an hour to stand outside in Vegas (or Phoenix, it was somewhere HOT) to protest the unfair working conditions of the Wal-Mart employees - most of whom earn more than that (National Average isabout $9/hr) and get to work in air-conditioned buildings.