Saturday, September 16, 2006

Electronic or Black Metal?

Which musical genre should be the market anarchist music? Some people I know advocate electronic music, and their arguments are cogent. However, someone pointed me to Black Metal musicians who, according to Wikipedia, are "strongly anti-collectivist, critics of religion and are advocates of individualism and rational egoism." Andrew Kemp also thinks that Black Metal has its roots in individualism.

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Vic said...

For the original strains of black metal, yes, but there is a subcurrent of National Socialist-oriented black metal that sprang up in 1991 with the Norwegian band Burzum and has been growing ever since. Some actually cling to hitlerian-nazi ideals or neo-nazi updates of them, some are just stupid racists clamoring about 'white pride' and 'save our race' - but all of the NS-black metal types are collectivists of some sort or other.