Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Get Your Hand Off My Gun


Delta said...

0.5 oz of vodka? What kind of drink is that!?

The right to bear arms is one of the most basic and fundamental rights. If a large-scale terrorist attack happens sometime in the near future, we will certainly need those guns to protect our liberty from the State.

Black Jesus said...

Didn't Penn and Teller wrap up their Gun Control show exactly like this? (without the voice mail, obviously.)

Oh, and to the moderator, please don't be fooled by the title of my blog, I'm not a communist or a socialist.

ryan maddox said...

I enjoyed the Penn & Teller episode a lot more. To be honest, I'm getting tired of libertarian arguments which include jefferson qoutes, and constitution and bill of rights rhetoric.

But then again, it's funny that being a market-anarchist, my views are more precise with those in the constitution, compared to those of conservatives or liberals.