Saturday, June 10, 2006

Is the FDA finished? / Things they don't teach you in high school

In an earlier post, I expressed hope that the murderous statist FDA would one day be toppled. A former vice-president of Pfizer says he expects the FDA will be finished soon:

And when the FDA is caught red handed making decisions that have nothing to do with science, and everything to do with politics and religion, the trust in the FDA effectively ends.

The FDA, as we know it, is finished, and here's why:

It was just revealed that two key Food and Drug Administration officials recently testified that former FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford took them out of the agency's normal drug approval process, in order for him to personally block over-the-counter sales of an important early pregnancy contraceptive or "morning-after pill."
And who's behind this decision? The usual suspects. Conservative groups and religious fundamentalists have lobbied the FDA and the White House against nonprescription Plan B sales.

Yet another little item you haven't learned in school or hear about in the media : seat belt laws are based on false science. Two empirical studies found higher death rates, especially for pedestrians, after seat belt laws are passed, and governments use extrapolations from crash tests (which, conveniently, do not take into account the risk of accidents OR pedestrial fatalities) in order to cook up their numbers.

[Professor John Adams'] conclusion was that in the eighteen countries surveyed, accounting for approximately 80% of the world's motoring, those countries with seat belt laws had fared no better, and in some cases (e.g. Sweden, Ireland and New Zealand) significantly worse than those without. In particular, those outside cars (pedestrians and cyclists) had experienced significant increases in fatalities involving cars.
The author of the Isles report was alarmed to find that in Europe the predominant effect of seat belt legislation was of increased numbers of injuries to non-car users. The author predicted that in the UK, deaths to other road users would rise by approximately 150 per year in the event of compulsory seat belt wearing legislation. In terms of injuries to other road users the prediction was for a 11% increase in pedestrian injuries with injuries to other road users climbing by 12 to 13% (numerically 7,000 and 36,000 respectively).
The year of the law saw increases in deaths to pedestrians of 135 per year and of deaths to cyclists of 40 per year, a 75 year high and somewhat in excess of Isles' predictions. There was a reduction in driver fatalities and an increase in fatalities of rear passnegers (not covered by the law). A subsequent study of 19,000 cyclist and 72,000 pedestrian casualties seen at the time suggests that seat belt wearing drivers were 11-13% more likely to injure pedestrians and 7-8% more likely to injure cyclists.

Who loses once again? Yes, everyone in unison... GOVERNMENT WINS, WE LOSE! Especially if, like me, you don't have a car. Of course, government workers and workers at big corporations don't walk their way to work now don't they?

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