Friday, February 24, 2006

Worst US presidents / Sweden insane

Who were the worst US presidents ? Strike the Root's list :
1. Abraham Lincoln
2. Woodrow Wilson
3. Ronald Reagan

There is another discussion by Nicholas Strakon on this topic. His list :
1. Abraham Lincoln
2. Franklin Roosevelt
3. Woodrow Wilson

Some reasons for their nominations :

Abraham Lincoln (Republican, 1861-1865) : Started the Civil War with the goal of establishing American Imperialism. Started patriotic fascism a century before it became cool. Signed the first income tax into law. Perhaps the most evil American to ever live. Only good point : was put down like a dog.

Woodrow Wilson (Democrat, 1913-1921) : Plunged the United States in WW1, started the League of Nations and participated in the Treaty of Versailles. Signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, establishing the Federal Reserve (effectively putting the American economy in the hands of government).

Franklin Roosevelt (Democrat, 1933-1945) : Plunged the United States in WW2 (making himself father of self-inflicted casualties in the process). Father of American state capitalism.

Sweden aims for oil-free economy

Sweden says it aims to completely wean itself off oil within 15 years - without building new nuclear plants.

The attempt is being planned by a committee of industrialists, academics, car manufacturers, farmers and others.

When people want to see results, don't give them results. Get a bunch of parasites on government dole together to force people to do things the way you want. That's the statist way !


Herb Schaffler said...

I think the worst the 3 worst Presidents were FDR, LBJ, & Clinton. FDR for prolonging the Depression with his meddling in the economy and his getting us into WWII. LBJ for bringing about the Great Society programs, therefor, plunging us further into the Welfare State and his getting us more involved in Vietnam. I think that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the most corrupt couple to have ever occupied the White House.

Young Physicalist said...

What’s bad with Sweden striving for an oil-free economy? Petroleum deposits are slowly running out and, quite frankly, when we run out of oil deposits Sweden’s economy will be stronger than others. I find it ludicrous that Anarcho-Capitalists can deny the need to wean out of oil through government intervention and alternatives. That’s what will make Sweden better than all the Free Markets down the road.

Francois Tremblay said...

Dylon : don't you humanist Greenie fanatic whackos ever get tired of being proven wrong every time you predict the end of the world ?

Young Physicalist said...

You really are unreasonable. Name-calling, mudslinging, and rhetoric don’t get you anywhere. The fact of the matter is that oil deposits are running out and China (which contains billions of people) will be a gas-guzzler within the near future. These events will have cataclysmic consequences.

And I’d rather be a humanist than a Wacky Radical Randroid.

And speaking of being proven wrong, didn’t Huben do some intellectual beatings against you?
I love how your arguments rely on generalization and straw-mans.

Francois Tremblay said...

"You really are unreasonable."

You bet I am. I'm unreasonable against anti-individualist, government-loving bullies of all stripes. Right, left, commie, nazi, Greenie, I hate them all.

And I am not a Randroid, you asshole. How can a Randroid be an anarchist ? Do you ever think in that tiny little brain of yours ?

Francois Tremblay said...

Get the fuck out of my blog, you asshole.

Young Physicalist said...

Why must you insult and personally attack your critics?

Aaron Kinney said...

FDR didn't get us into WWII, we were forced into it by the Japs. It's called Pearl Harbor, on 7 December 1941, ever heard of it?

FDR was a great president, you baffoon.

I never resorted to profanity either.

Aaron Kinney said...

Tremblay, you're an idiot. Get a life. You know nothing of FDR. Why do you think he was elected for four terms? DUH!

Young Physicalist said...

“Do you ever think in that tiny little brain of yours ?”

I will respond to this immature insult using reason, rather than anger, alright?

Firstly, how can you, merely by reading what I wrote, conclude my brain is of a size smaller than average for my demographic group? I would say it is of average size.

Furthermore, it is obvious that I think with my brain. Thinking is an active in which electric signals are transferred along your nerves. To type, I would have to think of where to place my fingers in order to produce the right word. In fact, to (even if slightly) comprehend what you are stating within your post requires a complex movement of electrical signals in my brain to think.

Not to mention that developing an opinion or reaction to your work, basing it on other things I have read, really requires a lot of electrical movement within my brain and nervous system.

Your ignorance of basic neurology is astounding.

Young Physicalist said...

Speaking of FDR and WWII, he acted with great restraint. All of Europe and, quite possibly, the North-West Hemisphere, were threatened by Hitler’s armies. At the time, the Soviets were allied with the Nazis, and British/European troops were getting beaten severely. If the Nazis captured the British Navy, America and North America could have become Nazi territory.

I love the way Libertarians like to ignore basic facts of world-military history and the dangerous of militant/aggressive Empires. Speaking of which, didn’t WWII jump start the American economy?

Francois Tremblay said...

And then people complain when I close the comments for my entries. This is really a no-win situation.

I just wish you idiots would get the fuck out so I can have sane blog comments. Is that too much to fucking ask ?

jackmarie said...

Well I am some shocked after seeing the name of ‘Abraham Lincoln’ at the number one position in the list of us presidents as per the blog. I mean he deserves the name in that list, but not the top place as per my own view. What do you say?