Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bizarro World / Public Education

Two great entries from Tu Ne Cede Malis. First, The Bizarro World :

At every step, of course, the perpetrators have boldly proclaimed that black is white; that the road to peace must be paved with gravestones; that the “reconstruction” of a city or even an entire country begins by obliterating it with bombs, rockets, shells, and bullets; that “liberation” takes the form of heavily armed soldiers bursting into homes and mosques and dragging people off to torture them in hideous prisons, then blaming everything on “terrorists” who include, it turns out, little children now with their eyes blinded, their skin burned, or their limbs blown off by U.S. Bombs and bullets.

Then, Who Decides ?

But people wouldn’t educate their children if they weren’t forced to. Balderdash! But if that’s true then what better argument to rid ourselves immediately of public schools, given that that’s the type of parent that public schooling has produced?

Zing, indeed.

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