Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Niels's positions

Let's continue:

* A country can be best helped by supporting initiatives for improvement of their freedom. A country is not helped by supporting a corrupt government and thus perpetuating the bad political situation.

* Religion is anti-science. Their 'knowledge' is not spread by means of testability, evidential support, consistency, repeatability, etc. Instead it spreads like a virus of the mind. This way religion has come up with all kinds of non-defined words (god, soul, supernatural, hell, satan, sin, etc.) that the individual believer fills up with his own imagination. We should fight against the use of non-defined words because they perpetuate imagined reality.

* Getting government out of education is paramount. A government monopoly on education creates the least pressure on schools to give customers what they want. And do you think a collectivist education has any notion of individualism and how to encourage or serve it? No. It delivers people who aren't fit for the scientific world. Who aren't fit for entrepreneurship. In fact, who aren't fit for dealing with the real world.

* Globalisation is good because any upscaling of capitalism is good, "except in cases that bear sharply on national defense" (see link). Trying to prevent international trade simply holds the country back globally.

* Violence is not justified in retaliation against even worse atrocities, or as pre-emption against future atrocities.


Aaron Kinney said...

Sweet positions, and you got links for all of them. Well done!

Lori Heine said...

As a Christian, I cannot agree with your negative assertions about religion. However, as someone who knows by firsthand experience how oppressive religion meddling in politics can be, I have my own reasons to be skeptical of the claims many Christians make.

There is a place for metaphysical speculation, as long as people don't try to force it on everyone else. And there are many Christian libertarians. Hopefully, most of them understand this.