Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July BBQ

I had a BBQ for the 4th of July. Look at how well it came out!


Anonymous said...

........ Nice pool you "anarchist" =). Don't you just love middle class suburban white guys who claim to have anarchist beliefs. Libertarians are a joke and you are a joke. While I fully agree with your attitude towards patriotism, you "anarcho-capitalists" are a joke.
Grow up and stop wasting lighter fluid on flags when there's property to burn (oh wait you can't do that because properties everything to you guys) =).

Aaron Kinney said...

Wow a bunch of ad hominem. Let's see, you called me an AnCap when I'm not. You implied that pools are some kind of anti-anarchy thing. Oh and that pool isn't mine, but it is a communal pool.

I daresay that an ideology that criticizes the existence of, and access to, communal pools is not an anarchist ideology.

Anonymous said...

.... The radical libertarian ..... sounds capitalist to me. Some of the articles on this blog are also openly anarcho-capitalist....... If you don't want people to think your beliefs are anarcho-capitalist then stop blogging for this site.
I didn't imply pools are anti-anarchist I simply said that rich white "anarchist" hypocrites are a joke. Any communal pool is a good thing just like any communal activity but I'm sceptical to an anarcho-capitalist being part of any communal activity.

Madame Raxie. said...

Nice job!

- An AnCap. :)