Sunday, June 19, 2011

Police Officers are Literally Retarded

Being a police officer is like being in the Special Olympics. Even if you get a medal, you are still retarded.

I apologize to the noble competitors in the Special Olympics for comparing them to something so low as police officers.


Anonymous said...

Yet another disgusting and utterly pathetic argument from the american libertarian movement. Seriously do you people wonder why the rest of the world think of you as a joke. Those police officers were obviously brave because as the man said they reacted in the appropriate way given the information they were given. The people who need to be scrutinised are the officials who gave them incorrect information.
You libertarians say disgusting things and defend it with "it's my free speech 1st amendment!!!!!!!". Hay remember who also used that excuse? ....... No? They are also right wing vile and really cowards...... Yes that's right the neo-nazis that litter your country.
You talk about disadvantaged people like they are a joke and like it's something to laugh about. You people are the worst thing to happen to the anti-state movement you are cowards and I hope Aaron Kinney if your ever blessed with children one has autism and another has downs syndrome so you learn exactly what it's like.
You are pathetic and a coward and you make me sick you vile filth.

Aaron Kinney said...

Hahahaha U mad?