Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anarchy in the UK

Brits break the law 21 times per year. Things like having sex in public, speeding, doing drugs, downloading copywritten material for free, not cleaning up dog poop. If these laws were enforced 100% of the time, then probably half of Britain would be behind bars. Of course, the article never mentions the mathematical consequences of this gross overcriminalization, nor does it wonder if perhaps there are too many laws on the books. The last few lines in the article are facepalm material:

John Miles added, 'The survey shows the average person who answered feels they break the law 21 times a year, but in reality this number is probably far greater.

'We are sure there are some things people wouldn't even know were illegal - particularly things like failing to clean up dog poo or dropping litter.

'There is a saying that 'rules are made to be broken', but when something has been made illegal it has to be for a good reason.'

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