Monday, January 10, 2011

Troops Waking Up

I love it when veterans get troll's remorse. Look, he was human after all! I love it when soldiers wake up, but I think it's best when people wake up before deciding to enlist.


Anonymous said...

Shame. Your gloating is unhelpful because it makes it just that bit harder for someone with this guy's courage to admit he was wrong.

The fact that it needs to be fought is evidence that the spell cast by collectivism and statism in particular is powerful. And as long as it has that power, and needs to be fought, young boys will be deluded as young men into supporting the state by going to war.

We should be genuinely supportive when such young men have the courage to reject the abuse of their childhood.

Aaron Kinney said...


I'm sorry my commentary upset you. Just so you know, I am close personal friends with many vets who have awoke, as well as some currently serving who have not yet awoke, and I am "genuinely supportive" of them all. Interestingly, the harshest rhetoric I ever hear about this topic comes from those vets who already woke up, and rightfully so in my opinion.