Saturday, May 8, 2010

Terrorists Kidnap Man, Kill Dog

We have terrorism in the streets and homes of the USA. Watch the black clothed terrorists in this video break into a family home, murder the canine, and kidnap the peaceful man. You can hear the terror in the voices of the family members. You can see the robotic way in which the heavily armed terrorists complete their mission, blinded by a false ideology and an evil moral code.


Mike Gogulski said...

Well that filled my "awful things I didn't want to see" quota for a week.

One youtube commenter gets it right:

family pets > murderous pigs

Anonymous said...

why did they ask him his think they should know? given what they are doing...

Unknown said...

Well, first off, you don't need to be "mirandized" to know youor rights. The fact that these morons whose parents were obviously already related before they got married need to produce "the card" and read you your "rights" just proves that they are enemies of our constitution. This video proves a valuable truth. When there is a knock at the door in the wee hours of the morning, unlimber the .50 and mow the countryside.

Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Adhere to the Constitution!

Anonymous said...

Do those helmets these clowns are wearing look *just* like Nazi helmets, or what ??

Anonymous said...

There are no good cops. there are only police who haven't yet flexed their newfound muscles.

the job creates sadists - who prey on those least able to defend themselves.

In a police state - we're all criminals and more police are required than the state can produce naturally - so the sadists gravitate to power... not unlike at the airports.

dzinto said...

Not to defend the cops, but it's not the whole story. On some other forum, someone did pretty impressive investigative work and showed quite a number of prior arrests of this "peaceful man". Without knowing what surrounded the event, yes, it looks like the goons have stormed perfectly peaceful family, but in fact this family, it looks like, was very, very far from being peaceful.

That said, I'd think that the purpose of SWAT team wearing heavy bulletproof gear, is to absolutely minimize any causalities, even if they met an opposition with firearms. Barking dog being to them sufficient threat to open fire, is 100% evidence of their complete incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Homeowner had a few joints and a Bong, hardly a misdemeanor.

His 2 dogs were shot, one a 20 pound Welshi Corgi-non aggressive.
The other a pit bull that was confined.

His 7 year old son was in the home.
I hope his attorneys bankrupt this district.

These swat thugs wipe their backside with our Constitution.
If youre not outraged, you have no pulse.
Land of the Free, my ass.

Anonymous said...

Jack Boot Fourth Reich NAZI'S!

I am NOT Anonymous.
I am Will Davis
Johnstown, PA.

hitmewitdarock said...

I'm noticing that Vadim failed to give us the name of this alleged forum where he alleges the victim of this terrorist action is less than a sterling citizen.

Nor did he bother to give an http link to this alleged forum. I find this very suspicious.

Hey Vadim ? I don't suppose you work for the Columbus, Mo., terrorist cop shop, do you ?

Aaron Kinney said...


I don't see anything in your character assassination of the victim that relates to, much less legitimizes, the kidnapping, pet murder, child endangerment, undue humiliation, panic, and psychological abuse that these cultish terrorists inflicted upon a sleeping family in a house in a peaceful neighborhood.

But most of all, I find it hilarious that you offer "prior arrests" as some kind of evidence to support this most recent kidnapping and persecution for possession of "drugs." What in the world are you trying to say, that repeated prior kidnappings and immoral persecutions justify subsequent ones? "He's been a slave all his life, surely 'tis right to keep him under the yoke now."

Aaron Kinney said...

I did a follow up, and it seems the charges of child endangerment were dropped. He needed up paying a $300 fine for a MISDEMEANOR possesses of marijuana.

Vadim is up a creek without a paddle.