Friday, January 8, 2010

Department of Homeland Bullshit

Today I met with the Department of Homeland Security, for a little song and dance.

They made me jump through hoops, ride a unicycle, and dance a jig. Having deemed my performance to be satisfactory, the Department of Homeland Security gave me a cookie.


Freedom's Philosopher said...

Maybe TSA can augment that lousy cookie with a strip search or anal probe?

Aaron Kinney said...


Well, they threatened me with anal probes and strip searches, but they gave me a provisio: To dance my ass off!

I danced. Anything to avoid an anal probe. Such is the nature of coercion.

Oh, and the cookie wasn't that good. It is made of paper and ink. But apparently it gives the bearer magical travel powers that somehow enable one to pass through invisible lines in the sand. Whoopee.