Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dumb Cops, Dumb Laws, Unnecessary Victims

First story: A woman asks LAPD for protection from her angry ex-lover. They escort her to her residence and wait outside. She gets stabbed multiple times in her residence. Cops hear her screams, burst inside and shoot the angry ex-lover to death, but it still wasn't fast enough to save her. Even when the cops are literally seconds away, it is still not enough. Instead of asking the cops for help, she should have taken matters into her own hands, bought a gun, and helped herself. She may still be alive today if she had a gun in her hand instead of having armed retards sitting outside her front door.

Second story: A UK military veteran discovers a shotgun discarded in his garden. Believing he is doing the responsible thing, he personally turns it in to the local police department. Result? He got arrested and convicted of illegal gun possession, and is facing 5 years of jailtime. Prosecutors acknowledge that he had no ill intent, but they insist intent is not relevant to the law. That's right, the UK has laws that, in practice (though not through intent - ha ha), discourage people from turning in found guns.

These two stories teach the same two lessons. First lesson: Never, ever, trust a cop, and by extension, any government employee. Second lesson: If you don't own a gun, buy one, and if you find a gun, keep it (and keep your mouth shut about it).

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Steve said...

I do not agree with your first lesson... well, partially if you lump members of congress into the government employee category. They are crooks. Second lesson is sound advice! Thanks for the post.

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