Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Truth is Treason in the EU

The propaganda is so blatant, yet so few people recognize it. It makes my head spin!

Take a look at this:

By voting in EP elections, you choose who influences your future and the daily life of close to 500 million fellow Europeans. If you don’t bother, somebody else will - and decide who represents you at the only directly elected Pan-European assembly. Elected MEPs shape the future of Europe for 5 upcoming years. Get the Europe you want! If you don’t vote, don’t complain.

Emphasis mine.

Why do so many people believe that line of bullshit? The truth is the opposite! A couple weeks ago I had a little dialogue with a friend over the "if you don't vote you can't complain" theory. It went like this:

Him: (speaking about US elections) If you don't vote, you can't complain.
Me: Why not? Explain to me the logic please?
Him: You can't be serious. Isn't it obvious?
Me: Seriously, no it isn't obvious to me. Please connect the dots for my stupid ass.
Him: Because if you don't participate in the process then your opinion on the outcome has no validity.
Me: Well I'm forced to participate in the outcome regardless of whether or not I vote, so I sure do have the right to complain. The one who doesn't participate is the one who is not subject to our laws and taxes and elected leaders, but I am subject to those things, and by your logic I certainly can complain.
Him: Well you should complain by casting your ballot.
Me: Casting your ballot is not a complaint, but a consent. A vote is an approval. It is not possible to complain against the very system by consentual participation in it. The only way you can possibly complain is by not casting your ballot at all!
Him: No, that's not true. You can complain by voting for the opposite choice or the opposing candidate. Don't be such a contrarian.
Me: That's like trying to complain about McDonald's Big Mac by purchasing the McNuggets instead. I'd rather complain by simply not dining there.
Him: Well if you don't like it, you can leave it. There are plenty of other countries you can live in.
Me: Are you a Lobsterback?
Him: WTF?

I eventually broke through to him to the point where he agreed that a non-vote is a complaint, but he still doesn't agree that you have the "right" to complain when you don't vote. Yeah, I can't figure out his logic on that one either.

The brainwashing of the populace runs so deep when it comes to voting and democracy, that I fear I won't live to see its spell being broken. How sad.


AzraelsJudgement said...

I pee on democracy. It is amazing how if you do not vote people will try and make you feel guilty, then they will say then shut up about what happens, then they will get mad and walk away.

Anonymous said...

The brainwashing of the populace runs so deep when it comes to voting and democracy, that I fear I won't live to see it's spell being broken.One can imagine dispirited abolitionists thinking exactly along those lines in the 1850s.

Anonymous said...

Oh btw, I wanna be on your blogroll! *whine* :)

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you've heard about seasteading, but I've started a blog with Patri Friedman to discuss market anarchy and alternatives to democracy. We call it, Let a Thousand Nations Bloom. Take a look when you get a chance.

Aaron Kinney said...

Dammit Mike why arent you already on my blogroll? I blame YOU for this! :p

Haha j/k Im adding you ASAP!

Mike Gogulski said...

Yay, blogroll solidarity! Thanks :)