Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drugs Make You Lose Your Head

Or this guy's head anyway.

The new Ciudad Juarez Chief of Police had his head chopped off and left in a cooler, just 4 days after taking office.

So now who wants the job? Any takers?

Clearly, the drugs are pwning the police in the War on Drugs. I think it's time to call the match. The victor here is obviously the drugs. All hail drugs, our new master!

But if we think about it seriously for a moment, what happens if we officially lose the drug war? Would the legalization of drugs be an indicator that we lost? If so, then I think we are already halfway there, as marijuana is now legal in 22 states.

On the other hand, what if we win the drug war? Will an indicator of our success be the eradication of all demand for the drugs? Probably. Who seriously thinks that we can ever eliminate demand for drugs? You would have to have lost your head to believe such a ridiculous thing.

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