Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a Series of Bars

Ted Stevens, the guy who once described the internet as a "series of tubes," was found guilty on 7 counts of governmenting.

A Series of Bars


Adam said...

Bah - this junk is why we need a third party. I like these guy's arguments on how to make that happen without impacting the current election.


Aaron Kinney said...

Close but no cigar, Adam.

We do not need a third party. If we had one party, three parties, or 350,000 parties, the problems we face with government would STILL REMAIN.

Some countries out there have dozens of parties. Do their governments avoid the problems that our two-party system has? No.

Instead of trying to increase the number of parties, try to decrease that number... all the way to ZERO.

Only with zero political parties (and accordingly, zero politics), will we find a solution to these kinds of government problems.