Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cops and Robbers, or, Gangsters and Robbers

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Residents in Central Florida are sick of the lack of police services in their community and are finally turning to their own measures to protect their lives and property.

These poor people are being doubly victimized: once by the gangsters police, and once by the burglars. You see, the police force the residents to pay for their protection services (think: protection racket) and yet, when these residents actually need the services, the police don't provide it!

In this case, despite all their desire to do so, the police are unable to provide the service due to inefficiency (they call it budget constraints). But whether the police do not provide the services they are supposed to through negligence, inability, or outright refusal is irrelevant.

The police department should be disbanded, or at least privatized. The residents should not be taxed; not be forced to pay for the services that they clearly aren't getting anyway. They should be free to protect themselves through any service they want and not be forced to pay for the police, who through brutal gangsterism, make themselves the only protection service provider in town.

The police should be ashamed of themselves. But of course, idiots, incompetents, and assholes never see the irony in their own actions. The residents have taken up arms, and the cops have now been de-facto relegated to a sort of coercion clean-up crew, yet they continue to fancy themselves as being the ones providing the protection. Ha!

These poor residents, despite paying for it, have clearly not had any actual security service in a long time. And since they aren't allowed to redirect their money to an agency that would or could actually provide the needed services, the residents are taking it into their own hands. I wouldn't be surprised if these residents end up having to physically defend themselves not only from the burglars, but also from the parasitic protection racket police that profess to protect them!

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