Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Police? What Police?

Here is a video (with Spanish Italian narration) of some group of criminal thugs beating the living shit out of a very unfortunate individual. It's easy to spot the criminal thugs as they are all wearing the same gang colors and outfits: shorts with purple/blue shirts.

Police Beating - Click here for more amazing videos

The poor victim is in desperate need of security services or other physical defense, but none is available to him. No, instead he is left at the mercy of the gang. The strange thing is that this man is in an area where the "government" has a monopoly on security services, and the "government" professes to deploy security services to protect and serve the populace, and prevent gangs like this one from brutalizing innocent people.

But the security services are nowhere to be found! When color-wearing gangs terrorize the streets, and the "government" cannot deploy its police adequately to stop these kinds of crimes, is it not evidence that perhaps the "government" should release its monopolistic grip on the security services market? Shouldn't the "government" allow its citizens to contract private, and more effective, security as they see fit?

No, for that would require the "government" to care about its people. Clearly, the government would rather finance terrorist groups that use violence on innocents in order to further their radical and twisted ideology.

"Government" police forces are not police forces at all. They are terrorists, thugs, and territorial color-wearing gangs. They are the very thing they profess to protect us from. A "protection" racket through and through.

Edit: Mike from NoState.com informed me that the video is in Italian, not Spanish. Whoops!


Kent McManigal said...

They are "LEOs" (Liberty Eradication Officers).

Mike Gogulski said...

Aye... this is so sick the only response I have is nitpicking: It's not Spanish, it's Italian.

Belinsky said...

Yuck! They've sure done a good job eradicating liberty.