Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fox <3 Hillary

Looks like Rupert Murdoch, head of NewsCorp and Fox News, made two $2,100 contributions to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

I think what freaks me out is not so much that Murdoch donated to Clinton, but the fact that I'm not surprised. Oh, the implications of that fact!


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postglobalism said...

Democracy Is Political Entertainment

The latest controversy around the racial slurs against Obama and the sexist remarks about Hillary, proves in effect what we've always known to be true: democracy is political entertainment. The masses simply can't get enough; we've had a disastrous war in Iraq that is leading nowhere, an economy that's about to go into recession, increased ethnic conflicts and several reports of corrupt lobbying, yet we insist on more.

Is it any wonder that a major news entertainment company supports a candidate who takes part in turning the politics into egodrama? Hardly.

Nice blog by the way. I like the idea of substracting the state power to the degree that it doesn't have the right to collect taxes.