Monday, October 15, 2007

The Market Anarchist Blog Carnival

The next Market Anarchist Blog Carnival is happening here, at The Radical Libertarian! All Market Anarchists are encouraged to submit an entry. Basically, if it’s pro-free-market and anti-state, then we want it!

The rules are very simple, and are as follows:

1. New Carnival edition once a month, on the 29th of the month.
2. One entry per person per edition. Videos are accepted also.
3. All entries must be related to MA (or agorism, or individualist anarchism, or mutualism, or voluntaryism) in some conceptual way. Narratives (fictional or not) are fine. Please no entries about how we must make government smaller, how the Constitution is great, who we should vote for, or how this or that specific law should be repealed. Entries by anarcho-syndicalists and socialists will be laughed at, and may be posted for the purpose of public ridicule.
4. All MA or related blogs are invited to host their own editions. Blogs which desire to host an edition of the Carnival must submit their demand at least one month before said edition.
5. All submitters are invited to link to the Carnival edition they submitted to, in order to keep the Carnival going.
6. Hosts of the carnival may exclude entries from their edition for reasons of irrelevancy or low quality.

To submit your entry, click on this link and follow the instructions. The deadline for this carnival is October 28th at midnight Pacific Standard Time. So get cracking and submit your entries in ASAP. Good luck!