Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Drugs Are Winning The Drug War

Hilarious. Despite a $4.7 billion dollar, taxpayer funded coca defoliant campaign, cocaine has dropped in street price in the last few years.

The drug industry, wielding the broadsword of supply and demand, is irrefutably slaying the anti-drug warriors. This is an absolute rout.

America has been losing every war-on-a-concept that it's undertaken as of late. Terror, drugs, poverty, are all pulling a "300" on the United States. The US golaith has fallen under the slings of the various Davids. It should be quite obvious now that the only way America can win at anything anymore is to not participate in the first place.


David_Z said...

the only way America can win at anything anymore is to not participate in the first place.

You mean, like France?

Aaron Kinney said...

I'm confused, David Z. What abstract concept did France achieve victory over through its refusal to wage war with it?

David_Z said...

Oh, I guess I meant, the only way America can *not lose* is to not participate, a la France. Which hasn't won a military conflict since the French revolution - which they also lost.

Aaron Kinney said...

But notice, my friend, that I said "war-on-a-concept," not war between nations.

Wars on concepts are quite a different thing than wars between tangible entities.

America, for example, won virtually every battle it fought in during the Vietnam war. The casualty rate was extremely lopsided in America's favor (yes Im aware that the official "kill count" was bullshit, but nobody denies that US troops dealt more damage than the enemy). Despite that, we lost the war, cause it was a war on communism; on a theory of dominoes.

Many Vietnam vets know how this joke goes: A civilian asks the Vietnam vet how or why we lost the war, and the vet replies "We were winning when I was there!"

Has France declared a war on unemployment? A war on the dissafecting of the youth? Perhaps its own war on drugs? Would it win those? Would any country win those wars?

David_Z said...

France has declared war on unemployment - the results are as should be expected.

Anyways, my first comment was a poor attempt at humor - I know you were talking about war-on-concept, but I try not to miss an opportunity to make fun of the French.

Aaron Kinney said...

Oh, ok now I get it David ;)