Friday, March 23, 2007

Radical Libertarian: Beat up the Little Man Edition

Try to help your suffering by using marijuana? Forget it! We're gonna kidnap you instead, or starve you to death.

An American woman whose doctor has told her that marijuana is the only drug keeping her alive, has been denied the right to use it by a federal court. She could face prosecution on drug charges.

Angel Raich, a 41-year old mother of two from Oakland, California, sought an injuction to stop the government prosecuting her. She suffers from several serious medical conditions, including an inoperable brain tumour, a weight-loss disorder, seizures, chronic nausea and scoliosis (a spine deformity).

Raich takes marijuana every few hours, under her doctor’s advice, to control pain and give her an appetite. Her doctor has said without it she would “starve to death”.

If we can't starve you, we're gonna taser you, and it's perfectly okay, even if you're innocent! I always choke when a stupid statist tells me the police does not have a special status at all. How stupid can you get?
More than two dozen Houston police officers have shocked five or more people with Tasers — including two officers who have used the weapon at least 10 times — though none of those officers has faced disciplinary action for using the stun gun unjustifiably, according to a Houston Chronicle review.

In fact, no officer has ever been reprimanded for discharging the 50,000-volt Taser at a suspect, even though many of the suspects were never charged with a crime, according to the Chronicle's review of more than 1,000 Taser incidents since December 2004.

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