Wednesday, December 27, 2006

He Would Rather Die Here Than There

An Army reservist who already served in Afghanistan got himself killed over being deployed to Iraq. From

An Army Reservist despondent about being sent to Iraq was killed by police during a 14-hour standoff that began Christmas night when family members told authorities he was armed and threatening to kill himself.

He threatened to kill himself, but the police did that for him. No dissent among the ranks, soldier!

Honestly, the guy allegedly pointed a gun at a cop, and another cop shot him in response. Looks like his time served in Afghanistan didn't help his aim or reaction time.

I can't blame the guy for not wanting to go. I wouldn't want to go either. This is just insane. I bet the guy was suffering from PTSD. Thanks to Bush, we will have a whole new generation of homeless PTSD vets.

I am willing to bet that as time goes on, more reservists, and maybe even some active duty personnel, will refuse to be redeployed overseas in hostile territory. Who knows what lengths they will go to in order to avoid deployment? So much for "bringing the fight to them," we've got our own cops and soldiers killing each other.

Way to go, Bushie.

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