Saturday, March 4, 2006

Pat Tillman: Killed by Terrorists Regardless

The United States Army is launching a criminal probe into the death of Pat Tillman. There has been talk that Tillman was killed by accidental friendly fire while fighting Taliban forces.

Pat Tillman gained notoriety during a few years ago because he turned down a multi-million dollar deal from the NFL to join the Army. Despite popular belief, Tillman was an atheist. This goes to show that atheists are just as susceptible to statist brainwashing as everyone else.

So now the Army wants to find out what really happened. But whether he was killed by Taliban forces or friendly fire is irrelevant in my eyes. Tillman made a mistake by joining the Army, and he paid the ultimate price: his life. Both the United States Army and the Taliban are religio-state organizations that export terror to further their ideological causes. Tillman, unfortunately, only recognized one of those groups for what it was.

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